“Let’s take off our partisan hats and work together to find solutions to our big issues. We need people who will get results, not more gridlock.”

A Lifetime of Working Together



Working her way up the ladder from a waitress to a corporate executive, Patti Piatt knows how to create jobs and the importance of Kentucky’s small businesses.



As a mother who lost a child, Patti knows the heartache of loss and the impact that mental illness has on families. She is a strong voice of leadership for families and children.


Kentucky values

Patti’s Kentucky roots are five generations deep—farmers, laborers and small business owners. Working three jobs to put herself through school, Patti will fight for a job for every Kentuckian. She will stand strong for veterans and seniors, and work to address the cost of education that impacts so many young people and families.

Piatt for Congress | P.O. Box 73151 | Bellevue, KY 41073