Patti Piatt Statement on Medicaid Changes

“Medicaid is a vital program for children and families in Kentucky. Many people on Medicaid already work. In rural areas many can’t find work, and if they can, it is unlikely they can find affordable daycare.

The experimental program itself will be costly to implement due to the complexity of the bill, adding layers of bureaucracy to an already complicated program. The requirement for people to report changes in income in a timely manner places an undue burden on people in the service industry and those with seasonal jobs.

For example, a waitress who averages $200 a week then works a special event adding another one-time $100, will have to report the change within 10 days, then report again the change when her income returns to normal levels. This new waiver action impacts 95,000 Kentuckians by adding layers of bureaucracy and subterfuge, leaving people without coverage, leading to financial ruin for many. The most vulnerable among us will be negatively impacted.

Working and low-income Kentuckians need greater access to affordable healthcare, not less. I will fight to improve and protect healthcare coverage for Kentuckians who need it the most.” ~ Patti Piatt