Patti Piatt Issues Statement on Parkland Florida School Tragedy

Yesterday 17 students and adults were killed in yet another senseless mass murder at an American school. Congressman Thomas Massie has remained silent. After children were murdered right here in Kentucky in January, while they should have been safe at school, Massie called for more guns in schools. Thomas Massie continues to support gun legislation that will only further endanger our children, law enforcement and all Americans.

I know what it’s like to lose a child to gun violence and I grieve with the families in Florida, in Kentucky, in Sandy Hook and everywhere a child dies by a senseless killing. When elected, I will take action for common sense gun laws, increased funding for mental healthcare, and funding for research so that we can better understand and prevent this tragic loss of life. I call for Congress to pass an immediate ban on assault and military-style weapons. If this 19-year-old boy was not able to access a weapon that is designed to kill in rapid-fire, the 17 people in Florida could still be alive.

We’ve had our moments of silence, again and again and again.  What we need is action by our leaders, or new leaders who will take action. If we will not be heard now, we will be heard at the polls.