Meet Patti Piatt

With deep Boone County roots, Patti Piatt spent most of her growing up years in Florence and attended St. Henry High School.  Revolutionary War era Piatts made their home near Rabbit Hash in Boone County, generation after generation, building a family legacy of hard work, honor and Kentucky pride.

Working as a waitress at three jobs, while being a single mother and attending University of Kentucky, Patti Piatt climbed the ladder in the commercial food service industry to become a leader and executive for major corporations and institutions. Patti has overseen hundreds of staff members and worked for The University of Kentucky, Belmont University, Thomas More College and University of Cincinnati Medical Center. She became known for her tenacity and ability to manage multi-million dollar budgets and developed systems of delivery for complex organizations.

In 2013, Patti suffered her greatest loss when her 33-year-old son Christopher took his own life. After struggling with addiction and mental health issues, he became one of the 44,000 Americans who die by suicide annually. Stepping up to take a leadership role in suicide prevention and awareness, Patti serves on the board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She has been a leader with the local Out of the Darkness annual suicide walk, providing support for families and creating awareness of the need for suicide prevention.

Patti kept moving forward with her life with the support of her husband John Culbertson. The couple has four children, Patti's younger son, Shelby and John's daughter Genevieve, and two sons, Ricky and Russ. She has learned that by turning tragedy into action, lives can be saved.

Patti's passion for public service began when she wrote her first letter to Congress while in the seventh grade. She, along with most Americans, knows that Congress no longer works for the people. The influence of big money and the inability to work across party lines have led to gridlock.

Challenges and roadblocks will not stop Patti from forging ahead, working to make things better, and being a voice of integrity and leadership for the people.


Piatt for Congress | P.O. Box 73151 | Bellevue, KY 41073